Fill Out and Submit the Form Below to Receive an E-mail with the Hyperlink to Download the Free NeuroGuide Demo

(You may need to DISABLE your Internet Security Software before Downloading.)

After downloading the NeuroGuide installation .zip file it in a folder on your computer.   Then right click on the .zip file and then select Extract All... or Unzip the .zip file and save the installation files in the same folder.   Before installing NeuroGuide, disable all your Anti-Virus and/or Malware/AdWare Software. Then double click the setup.exe to install the latest version of NeuroGuide.   Then Open or Launch NeuroGuide.  


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After launching NeuroGuide and Accepting the Copyright Agreement, Click "Demo" in the Security Key window to enter the Demo Mode.  The Demo Mode restricts imports and exports, otherwise it is the same as a functional NeuroGuide with Add Ons.  The Demo is a good tool to learn qEEG and the NeuroGuide Manual has a step by step tutorial inside the Getting Started section of the manual.  

Launch the NeuroGuide demo and click Help >NeuroGuide Manual and then go thru the steps for import, editing, drowsinessdetection, test retest reliability, power spectrum, coherence, phase differences, phase reset, Bi-Spectral Analyses, Gabor Adaptive Spectrogram, LORETA Z Scores, Symptom Check List, and the various Neurofeedback Add-Ons including BrainSurfer.   

After purchase then a fully functioning NeuroGuide will be available by emailing the Key A in the Security Window and a single-user Key B software code will be issued to unlock NeuroGuide.  

After launching the Demo click File > Open > Lexicor > Lexicor NRS24 to open an EEG file recorded from a right hemisphere damaged patient.

After activating the NeuroGuide Demo learn more from the Tutorial inside of the NeuroGuide Manual by clicking Help > NeuroGuide Manual.

Email us at if you have questions.

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