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 Down Load the Demo Version of NeuroGuide.  Consult the price list and then contact us at and/or at 727-244-0240 and tell us what you want to purchase.    A ten month payment plan for credit card holders is available which make NeuroGuide more affordable.  Once you have paid for NeuroGuide in full and/or made the first credit card payment then email the KEY A sequence of encrypted letters and numbers that appears when you activate the Demo to  A KEY B will be sent by reply email in which you then enter the KEY B and the NeuroGuide that you ordered will be activated and you will be able to use NeuroGuide.   This is a single user computer license.   A second renewable license is available for the same single-user, e.g., a desktop at home and a laptop at work at no extra cost.  A third license is 50% of full price.  A fourth license is full price.     If you prefer to receive NeuroGuide on a CD by regular mail there will be a $25 US and $45 international charge for shipping and handling added to the license price with a 1 - 3 day delivery time.  In the case of the Z score biofeedback dll the renewable 2nd license is issued only for the 1st purchase of the dll license. 

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Please email us at or call 727-244-0240 to discuss NeuroGuide and to place an order